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Steve 06-04-2005 23:12

Steve's Boat
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Where do you start!

You would think the beginning would be a good place but, my time, your time is precious and the forum only has so much storage resource so heres the current project.

The dash is made up of panels Polycarbonate or acrylic or sommat. I think the idea was that as you screwed the panels down they would take up the contour of the dash if it were not dead flat.

A good idea for the first owner but as the panels have got brittle with age, its breaking up. Not only that, the switches are rotting out and not available unless I want 50 or so of each configuration.

Heres the project up until reinstallation.

1 Old switch panel in situ.
2 Old plate removed, you can see the chipped corners.
3 New plate awaits refitting.

Steve 07-04-2005 16:39

Dash part II
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Depsite the howling rain I managed to get the new panels fitted on the boat today.

Whilst at it, as they say... I Replaced a portion of the wiring, another project, replacing the DC distribution .

Any way two more pics
1 The replacement temporary wiring loom going on.
2 The panels screwed home.

ian 07-04-2005 18:21

Re: Steve's Boat

This looks like a labour of love, Moving to Chi has brought a new lease of life to your boating enthusiasm. Sure the BW will soon be looking in tip top condition. And you will be able to use her to your hearts content during the "Summer" without fear of anything going wrong as it will all be replaced.

So have you set yourself a restoration time table or schedule of work??? that you hoping to get done?

Steve 07-04-2005 18:55

Re: Steve's Boat
The prop shafts took 18 months to get right so everything else has got behind.

She's 16 years old this year.

As your boat gets older, you too will find that each year brings a new set of challenges & Projects.

The guy who's floor I replaced lost the seats carpet and floor all due to a split winter cover.

It was the second time it had happened too.

robbie 07-04-2005 19:44

Re: Steve's Boat
It really looks good Steve. Changing the switch panel was the first thing I did on Salamis mainly because half of them only worked sometimes, and the other half worked at other times.
Faulty switches are the pits. Your new ones look the bis by the way, I have to ask - the four at the end, are they connected or is it a bespoke fill in?

Steve 07-04-2005 19:51

Re: Steve's Boat
That sounds flash matey. :banana:

They are just the leg and tab switches.

Can I call that a bespoke fill in, will it be alright?

Just thrashing round the net looking at dials now.

robbie 07-04-2005 20:14

Re: Steve's Boat
Its just that you have an awful lot of swithes there. More infact than you started with it seems so I just thought that the odd one here and there didn't actually do anything. not that I did this on my boat.
I really do have two cabin lights, two sets of running lights, and two sets of dash instruments honest.

Steve 07-04-2005 21:05

Re: Steve's Boat
Future expansion eh?

Your right though, old, blind..but right. I think two of them are not yet connected.

Some of the services on the main panel have been split out into seperate circuitsand will be spearately fused too.

A couple of future ones have been added in. :-) .

robbie 08-04-2005 00:09

Re: Steve's Boat
Now then Saturday -
Do you go down A24 then A272 to Petworth and A285 to Chichester?

Steve 08-04-2005 10:03

The way ahead
Wifey goes that way its scenic.

I go down the A24 take the A283 into storrington, at the petrol garage bear left onto the B2139, at the top of Bury hill go straigt over. When you meet the A27 head west. Then either follow the NEW map or the big road.

From the top of Buryhill its only 8 miles on than travelling to LM, which is in the bottom R.H. corner of the map.

robbie 08-04-2005 18:56

Re: Steve's Boat
I'll do my best to get there early.

I stumbled upon this Donzi site today. You might have seen it already, but some really good pics.


:bolt: :bolt: :bolt:

Graham Firmin 10-04-2005 17:25

Re: Steve's Boat
Looks good, will have to get down to Chichester for a closer inspection soon.

I trust you have started making inquiries about the next Poker run ! :teatime:

Steve 15-04-2005 18:11

More of the same
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I took the next panel ofthe dash yesterday.

1 as it should be.
2 16 years of brittleness
3 High density version
4 new plate ready for painting :dance:
So its off to get the primer and paint.

ian 15-04-2005 18:19

Re: Steve's Boat
would not getting them powder coated a better option?

Just thinking that would be a bit more resiliant to salt water?

robbie 15-04-2005 18:50

Re: Steve's Boat
9 holes!! thats a lot of wires. I hope you marked them up alright. :banghead:

Is the new panel a Donzi part or is it made up? Omly the new one looks like ali and the old one looks like it is made of MDF/hardboard. The new panel should last a lot better and longer. :cheers:

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