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robbie 24-08-2007 13:56

Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
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The Birdman flyers are jumping on 1st & 2nd September.

Saturday - flying starts 13.30hrs with an air display over the sea at 15.40hrs.

Sunday - flying starts 14.30hrs with an air display over the sea at 16.40.

High tide Sat - 14.50.
High tide Sun - 15.31.

If a number of us are going, then Darren will arrange later pull outs so we are not rushing back (he did say we might have to wave to him in the AV as we pass if its too late).
That is if its not raining (again) but the weather girl keeps telling me its getting better and better.

ian 24-08-2007 14:43

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Am up for a trip down to Bognor by sea,

who else is around?

seen it once from the Water was a laugh :wellfunny

Nick 24-08-2007 18:12

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
We were talking about this only last week.

I know Loz ( Knot@work ), Ian ( Flat Calm ) and Julian ( Boyz Toys II ) were up for it.

It was a little rough on Sunday :puker: and was a little unpleasent sitting there watching the power boat racing so lets see what the weather is like.

robbie 24-08-2007 18:50

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Its getting betterer and betterer according to the girl on the telly. :no:

Nick 24-08-2007 20:45

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Yep .......... it should be good

robbie 26-08-2007 22:34

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
I went along to Bognor today, and apart from a million lbsterpots, What I found very discoserting was what looked like a fishing net complete with cork floats in a sweeping line between the bouys.

It looked bloody dangerous and we were heading for it at speed, but luckily Ed saw it before me and we slowed to see just how awful it was.

Steve 27-08-2007 07:40

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Weren' t in the alloted fishing grounds by any chance were we? :wellfunny

I tried tipexing them out on my charts but they didnt go for me either. :tongue:

A right nightmare you get in there and then can find a path out :jail: .

robbie 27-08-2007 22:55

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Those bits of paper I take out every time but only look at if I'm plotting on a long journey?

Steve 28-08-2007 00:07

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Yes thats them, the ones you look forward to updating faithfully every month from the L.N.M's in the monthly rag's. :no:

Right down to recording the updates in the bottom L.H Corner in mapping ink and signing them with your own caring intials. :no:

It goes without saying that on short runs; you know where youre going.

robbie 28-08-2007 00:57

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
I've got three charts covering the Bognor area - foul ground, numerous rocks but no fishing grounds? What chart shows this detail Steve I'd be keen to buy one. Or is it writen in ink on the bottom LHS?

ian 28-08-2007 09:37

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
sorry guys you lost me.

what are they for :lol:

Oh and you keep between the green and red things when entering or leaving port

I thought you got in the boat had too much to drink and then pushed the throttles forward and went where ever you felt like :hugegrin:

Nick 28-08-2007 22:13

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept

Its like when people do presentations on acetates .................. how quaint !!!!!!

robbie 28-08-2007 22:40

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Putting all this paper work to one side. It my dads birthday Sunday, so looks like I'm popping along on Saturday only. Its a shame cause I was looking to do an overnighter on the boat this weekend.

Steve 29-08-2007 17:36

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
Bunk off friday afternoon, stay over till saturday afternoon?

robbie 29-08-2007 18:08

Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept
No no no the idea was to see the Birdman Saturday, stay over and see it again Sunday.

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