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robbie 20-03-2010 18:57

Atomic Wedgie!!! Ouch
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Anyone done this? Looks well painfull.

scarab 22-03-2010 09:59

Re: Atomic Wedgie!!! Ouch
YUP been there dun that.....didn't think any one had a photo of me tho........ It took years of massage to make it all better.......:drink:

Steve 22-03-2010 21:47

Re: Atomic Wedgie!!! Ouch
I didn't see the point in retractable cleats.

Until now.

robbie 22-03-2010 21:55

Re: Atomic Wedgie!!! Ouch
If he'd only fitted a bunggie rope he could have been sitting back on the boat in no time. Instead I fear the follow on to this picture was him kicking the underside of the boat with his heals while performing an ungainly faceplant in to the water.

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