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Bogi 18-03-2009 23:48

Stockholm 2009 (Sweden) boatshow
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As leaving Fredrecia I drove to Copenhagen passing Lillebaelt bridge as well as Storebaelt bridge, I must say it was the highlight of the drive as I left Copenhagen on to Oresund bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden and ones across I arrived in Malmo and continue to drive into the night to Stockholm having no visability or enjoye the scenery.

The Stocholm is closer to the size of London Excel show or slightly bigger, the setup is good and easy accessible and nice people which surprised me a lot as I have always felt Swedish people a bit snobby....(we the Icelanders are for sure snobby people threesup) although Peder Brun at Stockholm Rib Centre is not typical Swed....

On hardboat side good selection of Scandinavian made boats and majority of them coming from Finland including Paragon which did steal the attention at London boatshow.

Accessory side was plenty of things to see and buy and also what attracted a lot was the old boats, outboard engines and various racing boats.

Rib culture is probably most advanced in Scandinavia and two of the foremost people I would say are Peder and Petrov and that was obvious at the show there where many different brands and versions and I should have given myself an extra day to the show but unfortunately I underestimate how good the show was and had to drive back to Denmark to take the flight back home as I had meeting the following morning at the unemployment office.... and you better be there on time if you want to receive the pension :dance:

Here are some of the pictures taken at the show.

Surely I will be back there one day and will spend three days to explore and absorb all what was there.

So now I have totally different attitude to Sweds :cheers:


Bogi 19-03-2009 00:06

Re: Stockholm 2009 (Sweden) boatshow
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Few more pics


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