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Bogi 17-08-2009 15:54

5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
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Charity sea swim was performed on Saturday by swimming from shore to Žerney (Therney), Lundey (Puffin island), Višey (Videy), Engey, Akurey and shore.

12 peoples started the swim and 5 swimmers completed the swim.

My rescue team HSSK supplied 2 safety boats (Zodiac MK III and Parker Baltic 900 ICE-SAR).


Bogi 17-08-2009 15:56

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
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Photo set 2

Steve 18-08-2009 16:13

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
A very brave and charitable act by all concerned, and by the grins on most faces you all had a right laugh. Considering how your lands are portrayed, you seem to have the better end of the deal. Lush vegetation and a sea that is always flat. Does it ever get windy, does the sea ever have a wave on it?

Bogi 18-08-2009 17:54

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
We are lucky to have all the nature, fresh air, fresh waters to name a little of our natures benefits by living here apart from the credit crunch that a handfull of as*holes of ours made us to live with.

This summer has been extraordinary good, little or almost no rain, sunshine day after day after week, flat seas as well day after day and that is something we are not used to.

Therefore we are planning a trip for European ribbers to bring their ribs/boats across for fortnight and enjoying our landscape, nature, culture and all Iceland has to offer both on land and waters.

Hope to see some Pontoontalkers in Iceland July 2011


Steve 18-08-2009 18:13

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Yes I saw that.

I don't think I would be able to come as I have a business in the early stages and I simply cant forecast that far ahead.


Bogi 18-08-2009 19:56

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Here is link to the Icelandic State TV news :dance:



Steve 18-08-2009 20:55

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Totally amazing, what lengths people will go to , just to get on the news.

Bogi 18-08-2009 21:16

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Yepp, the swim was totally 11 kilometres

Beach party tomorrow with big burgers (200 grams) to celebrate this :banana::great:


Steve 18-08-2009 22:11

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Bogi 11 KM;s one thing.

But I saw that News Feed, people were shivering.

One swimming in just shorts but with gloves on?

Roughly what was the sea and air temp that day?

Bogi 18-08-2009 22:28

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
Air temperature for the early afternoon was 14 degrees and went to 9 degrees as approaching the evening.

Sea temperature is 7 degrees :hugegrin:

I wouldn“t dare taking a swim, not even in wetsuit :bolt:, tomorrow they will start sea swimming before starting the beach party BBQ :bang:

Will bring my camera along and put some snap shots up here tomorrow night :drink::dance:


Steve 19-08-2009 06:41

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
That is cold.

There something not quite right going on with some people up there.:bang:

Maybe these people are just Genetically different? Picked up a gene or two from a Polar bear way back in their ancestoral history.

Too damn cold for me that's for sure.

Bogi 19-08-2009 08:04

Re: 5 Island sea swim 15.08.09
One thing to point out, if you live in this neck of wood your body temperature is set for this nature, like I wear T shirt ones the temperature is above 7 degrees and do not feel comfortable in high temperature......

But I agree these people must have genes from the Polar bear :likeadrai


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