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Bogi 10-10-2009 08:07

ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
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Last weekend we participated in the National Search and Rescue exercise which took place at Grundarfjordur at Snaefellsnes.

We cruised our Stefnir - Parker 900 Baltic ICE-SAR from our base in Kopavogur to scene some 120 miles journey in bad weather, the journey took 5 hours.

Enjoy the pictures


Pictures taken by: Bergur Bergsson

Bogi 10-10-2009 08:12

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
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Photo set 2

Steve 10-10-2009 08:13

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
Bogi, always look forward to opening your new posts.

More beautiful scenery.

How many incidents does your SAR have to attend per year?

Bogi 10-10-2009 08:16

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
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Photo set 3

Bogi 10-10-2009 08:23

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
Yesterday alone we (our team) had 128 call outs due to severe weather well over Force 12 roof blowing off houses, things taking off, assisting people getting places etc.

This year our doat division have had 52 call outs majority of that beach search for people all together boat search nationally 482 call outs.

Bear in mind that there are 96 civilian rescue teams all around Iceland and they are all selv funded.


Steve 10-10-2009 08:38

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
And there was I, thinking you were having a practice run because it was so long since you had to do anything.:bow:

Those are huge figures. I would never have expected that.

robbie 10-10-2009 17:08

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
More flat seas, no swell, no surf. When do you actually get force 12 winds?
None of your pictures have ever suggested anything other than you live in the most perfect boating environment.

ian 11-10-2009 12:30

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
I agree with you Robbie,

May be colder there but atleast they get out boating .

Is this the equivalent of the RNLI in this country?

Bogi 11-10-2009 14:56

Re: ICE-SAR national rescue exercise
Where the practice was it was in a sheltered bay so there was calm and nice, but on our way it was blo*dy hell.

Yes, Icelandic SAR (ICE-SAR) is equilvant to RNPAST I did twice toperation with them and in the past I did twice training in Cowes, or more likely at an RNLI station comewhere close to Newport I think.

Yes, we use every occasion to practise and boating, last Thursday evening we had night exercise just prior to the blowing wind started.

Problem is you canīt really take pictures when everything is out and about.


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