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Bogi 30-12-2009 02:02

Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
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We went on Stefnir SAR boat at lunch time from Kopavogur harbour onwards to Snarfari marina for refueling, once we approached Grotta we ran into very strong notherly wind and got lot of sea spray, once we approached Ellidarvogur nearby Snarfari marina there were thick ice so we couldnīt come close to the marina and we had to return back to Kopavogur harbour.


Bogi 30-12-2009 02:03

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
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Photo set 2

ian 30-12-2009 11:44

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
You lot are mad :likeadrai
Going out in a rib in the ice.

Surely that is not the best idea ??

Bogi 30-12-2009 13:52

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
Indeed, we are mad and insane.... that surely is important to live in our country :wellfunny

Parker 900 Baltic ICE-SAR is a very good ICE-breaker :hugegrin:

We had good time on the water although -9 degrees, and water temperature most likely around freezing point :banana:


Steve 31-12-2009 20:59

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
Well that's answered that then, there is clearly life on the other planets.

Coz these guys can't be from ours.

robbie 31-12-2009 21:57

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
What makes the Baltic ICE-SAR differenet from normal Baltic 900's, and turns it in to an ice breaker.

Puts us to shame not going out because we had a few inches of snow.

Steve 02-01-2010 13:17

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
For us, isnt that not more to do with tractors than boat though ?:hugegrin:

Bogi 02-01-2010 13:48

Re: Stefnir, ICE-SAR boat 29.12.2009
It is a standard Baltic 900 hull, we can not going into thick ice, thus we did not go further in.

The difference lays in different layout, height of A-frame, towing capabilities.


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