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robbie 06-01-2010 15:43

Weather watch
Reports now in from Ice Station Zebra (Redhill department)

Its still bloody snowing here.

Henry and Henrietta reporting from the pond say - "Its very frosty out here".

Mrs Fox reporting from the water feature says - "There was a sliding noise then it all went dark!"

scarab 06-01-2010 16:34

Re: Weather watch
Same over here south of Guildford I'm out in the sticks woke up to a total of 12" perfect snow.

made it to work (stole the wifes Range Rover) only to be greated by a grand total of four staff all who live in walking distance.

Major staff meeting decided to have a hot drink and all go home again......

Arived home to be shot down with snow balls by two small soilders who must of had SAS training whilst I was at work..

ian 06-01-2010 17:46

Re: Weather watch
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Report from ice Station Tilehurst.

Tried to get to work Via train.
managed Tilehurst to Reading. held phone conference with boss who was trying to contact his boss for decision.
While waiting the earlier train had left for Bedwin but 15 minutes later it was back in Reading!!
Looking on national rail the trains are not going past Aldermaston station (which is opposite work)
No one managed to make it to work today, So sorry if you are waiting for parts for your car!!

robbie 07-01-2010 01:42

Re: Weather watch
Ian thats a lot of ariels on your roof?

Graham Firmin 11-01-2010 23:49

Re: Weather watch

Originally Posted by robbie (Post 8478)
Ian thats a lot of ariels on your roof?

No ... its a new fangled snow catcher !!! :likeadrai

Graham Firmin 12-01-2010 00:03

Re: Weather watch
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Well managed to escape work for 2 days and got to Reigate hill in friends 4x4 for walk in snow and beers by fire in the pub :-

Graham Firmin 12-01-2010 00:19

Re: Weather watch
Now if this snow is going to be a regular thing .....


ian 12-01-2010 09:54

Re: Weather watch
all those ariels. just glad you can not see the satelite dish as well !!

Why the previous owners had 2 TV ariels is beyond me to be honest.

the large 1 is radio though

ian 12-01-2010 09:56

Re: Weather watch

Originally Posted by Graham Firmin (Post 8481)
Now if this snow is going to be a regular thing .....



This is what you need



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