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robbie 04-03-2010 00:44

Like to go boating here?
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I found this picture of a chap in Vancouver who goes boating on Pit Lake.
Somehow Littlehampton will not be the same.:tongue:

scarab 04-03-2010 09:16

Re: Like to go boating here?
But Robbie

Just think how far it would be to tow your boat there and how boring would it be with no waves to jump.......

I can see a bit of attraction clear waters, clear skys, ect, ect,

ian 04-03-2010 14:06

Re: Like to go boating here?
but also no lobster pots to advoid and any Jobs worth's off of Worthing

Steve 11-03-2010 21:20

Re: Like to go boating here?
May be there are jobsworths, maybe he is sick and tired on not have a wave over the length of his appendage to test his hull design.

Maybe the over swelled Arun complete with two swans would move him to tears over the beauty.

SOMEONE track him down, send him a mail and ask him to join the forum and share some detail.

The suspense is killing me... just slightly less than the cost of petrol that's all.:bang:

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