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scarab 09-08-2010 13:42

shoreham Air Show
who is up for a trip to Shoreham to see the air show?, (August 21-22)

Great family day out anchor up in the river opposite the run way,

Could call in on way and meet up with the Littlehampton crew???

Who's up for joining me??

ian 09-08-2010 21:35

Re: shoreham Air Show
Guess it depends on the weather :likeadrai

May be up for that will let you know nearer the time

robbie 09-08-2010 21:50

Re: shoreham Air Show
I will be boating a bit further north than Shoreham on a Norwegan Cruise ship through the Fjords - Hope you guys have a great time and the weather holds out for you. Take loads of pictures.

scarab 11-08-2010 13:55

Re: shoreham Air Show
Ian would be good if you can make it

I'm the same if the weather looks bad I'll give it a miss as will have the two small boys with me,

But think positive the sun will be out and a dead calm sea.

Robbie enjoy your self shame you not about would have been good to catch up.

Richard you and the family fancy joining us?

ian 18-08-2010 22:04

Re: shoreham Air Show
Weather not looking good. looks like rain both days:crying::crying::crying:

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