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Steve 05-06-2011 07:32

Bring your own
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Besides the colour, there is also a viscosity difference between Derv fuel and Red. Which is why Diesel engine Road Vehicles smoke slightly at the tail pipe when burning red diesel.

However there is no means for detecting the difference between Red purchased for agriculture machines or heating and Red used for Marine Leisure. It is the same, except fo the price! You can buy Red diesel at better discount rates if you buy 1,000L from your local heating oil supplier. Who will drop into your container.

Now in the knowledge of this I Spotted this little trailer with a 1000L tank complete with petrol powered pump and thought of all the "other" uses it may have. To all you oil burners.

ian 05-06-2011 19:23

Re: Bring your own
looks like a good bit of kit.

But would the local supplier fill it up??

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