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RIBbaldar weekend in Vestmannaeyjar

We had great weekend in Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) over the weekend I took Cheesee across Friday morning, as soon as arriving we put her on the water and took a little spin with RIBbaldar members of Vestmannaeyjar, then we too trip to Stafnes with bonfire materials for the Saturday evening, three more ribs from Reykjavik came on the evening ferry and we went out to welcome them by convoying Herjolfur (the ferry) to the harbour, as soon as we had launched the ribs we took a spin to Bakkafjara to see the building of new harbour on the mainland for the Vestmannaeyjar ferry service. Saturday morning we went on 7 ribs exploring all the islands south of Vestmannaeyjar (Heimaey) including the most south island Surtsey which is the second youngest island in the world raised from the ocean in eruption on November 14th 1963.
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