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Re: Iceland cruise 2011

As for this year the ferry is not going, but the option will be under valuation in October for 2010 and 2011 to sail back to Scrapster.

We have contacted Samskip and Eimskip who both sail from Immingham (near Hull) and ballpark figure shall be available mid August, not guaranteed rate but at least something to work from.

Temporary importation of small boats into Iceland is not a problem, will be treated similar way as you take your car across apart you do not have to pay or put in deposit on car tax.

The exchange rate at the moment is on real favour for visitors.
GBP = 211,11 ISK
EUR = 181,37 ISK

Based on that fuel price is
GBP 0,88 pr. liter
EUR 1,02 pr. liter
Diesel (red)
GBP 0,55 pr. liter
EUR 0,64 pr. liter

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