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Re: Monday 16th

Originally Posted by Steve
Robbie, is all this enthusiasm a reflection of the extra fun you have had round in the solent.

Is it next seasons cruising plan and itinery that have been driving you cabin refit relentlessly onwards.

The main reason is that the cabin was very 1980's and getting quite tatty in places. Plus I must make some desisions over the next year or two as to whether I keep Salamis or 'do her up' and sell her for another boat.

What ever we deside to do I need to do a lot of work on the inside and a repair to the underside. After going aground on the bar I seem to have lost a bit of fibre glass from one of the running scates. I also notice the former chairman of the LMBHA has joined the migration to the otherside of the Looe channal and gone to Southsea Marina. I know Phil had good reasons to move and Southsea Marina is in a splendid position (no boat parks or slipway) but the moves go no to Solent ports.
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