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Re: Earls Court 2007

Originally Posted by robbie
Well actually Mat and I spent a long time on the Mariah SC19 (pic 3). This boat had a 3litre Merc, with a few extras chucked in, and a 250 deposit secured the boat which costs 16995. Now a 2005 Mariah SC19 is up for sale in LM for 15995 how can that be?

But the Montereys were still looking good but the show price on the 355 was 158,000. Saddly I work for BT not a magnet for Amaco oil.

You say a 250 deposit secured the boat? does this mean you are changing boats or have i miss read your post

Guess the marina is hoping that someone will not do their research properly. what is the saying "something is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it"
good luck to the Marina
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