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The build begins

I have started to rig this monster now with two side struts to hold the engine mounts and the transom, a couple of cross bearers that are in final shape and fit stage right now will help add streangth to these bearers. Then the whole lot will be glassed in and be as strong as mustard. The plastic box will hold the radio gear and keep it dry. A good buy at 1.20 Lock 'n' Seel from poundstretchers.
I have also made the first of the engine mounts you can see fitted to the engine, with rubber bushes that bolt to the bearers that still need slots cut in them also a lot more of the red plastic shroud around the engine has been cut away.
I have included pics of the stern drive gear and rudder plus the quick easy way to knock up a model boat stand needed to hold the damn thing still.

Still got loads to do, like the exhaust, throttle and linkages.
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