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Re: Bognor Birdman 1st-2nd Sept

I've been having a problem with LT leads breaking down, so mainly a work day today. After finding the faulty lead and a temorary new lead while waiting for the new set to arrive in post. A run down to Bognor to make sure the fault was dealt with a look at the Birdman and run back.

I'd just like to say that it was warm hot and sunny with dead flat seas today.

I'd like to say it but then that would make me along with that 'weather girl' an absolute lier.

It didn't rain though and the sea although a bit swellie was actually prety good fun 'Sali' was flying more than boating for a lot of the run there (left LM a bit late). Three close waves and all I could see was sky. A bit worrying I started to become a Yank about this time shouting 'Yarhoo' and 'Yo' quite a lot.

A bit cold and choppy to hang around bobbing around at Bognor but a couple of boats made it along from LM and a couple had come round from the Solent.

The main Bognor jumping is tomorrow but the weather is supposed to be even more cack than it was today.
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