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Old 18-08-2006, 13:55
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Global Trade Partner is a SCAM

This is for any honest hardworking person who is thinking of buying a boat from Global Trade Partners, Inc.
Have you been scammed by Mark O'Carroll from Global Trade Partners Inc?
(If you have, contact me on fitzifitzpatrick@ukonline.co.uk )
I have, and its not nice. I have also been talking to other people who have been scammed by this company.
This company who is based in Jacksonville Florida, export boats out of the US.
Global Trade Partners Inc falsely advertise these boats as never being in salt water, dry stored and in very good condition, but alot of the boats are in very bad condition when they arrive to the new owners. I have been chatting to numerious people who did the same mistake as i did, by trusting this company and not getting the boat surveyed.
In Febuary this year (2006) I (when i say ' I ', i mean my wife and I) decided that we needed a larger boat, so I went for a sports cruiser. I saw one i fancied from this company, Global Trade Partners, Inc (GTP). I contacted Mark O'Carroll but he said the boat was sold, so he showed me another boat, it was a little over my budget, but he assured me that it was in practically brand new condition, It was the year 2000 and it 'definately' had a 5.7Ltr 350 MAG engine (advertised now as a 350 bhp), and it had never been in salt water and was always dry stored, when not in use.
Here is the link to the advertisement
I had put everything i had into this boat, over 35,000. The boat didnt arrive in the UK for over 2 months later. I also had to pay to get the boat shipped to my Marina here in N.Ireland where i live (another 800).
When i first saw the boat, i was not pleased. There were deep scrapes on the gelcoat on the hull, the outdrive had alot of corrision on it and the skeg under the prop was bent. I couldn't see inside the boat as it was raining heavily and the boat was shrink wraped.
I asked my marina to fix the scrapes and the skeg on the outdrive and to reattach the radar arch (as it had been dismantaled for transport), and to put the camper canvas up. I said that i will come and inspect the inside when the weather gets better.
Two days pass and my marina rings me to say they filled the scrapes and compounded the boat but the camper canvas has parts missing, and the aft (back) seat was lying on the floor. They said that the wood in the seat had rotted away and they could see where the screws had ripped through the leather.
When i arrived, i saw that the marina did a good job of the scrapes and fixed the skeg, but the canopy had two triangle side parts missing, it had holes in parts of it and the clear plastic windows had gone brown. The seat was rotted and the leather was ripped. I did further checks and i noticed that it wasnt the engine that had been advertised. And yes, before i bought the boat i even asked Mark O'Carroll was the engine definately a 5.7ltr 350 MAG, he reasured me that it was. But it was the 7.4.ltr. Plus, when i was looking around, i saw that the pictures in the advertisement didnt match up with the boat. (false advertising or what?) I asked the marina to get the boat ready for the water and to document what work they have done, and what they do incase i need it.
When i got back home, i rang Mark O'Carroll. He said he didnt understand how these things happened, and he said "i thought you would have been happy with the 7.4Ltr". I kept my cool, as i was already down the shipping costs and exactly 1,000 for the repairs (250 for skeg 750 for hull). He asked me to ring him back in a few days to see what he can do.
He then changed the advertisement from saying it was 350 MAG to 350 BHP, there is no such thing as a 7.4Ltr 350 BHP mutlti port fuel injected engine
Meanwhile the marina rings me again, They put a new aft seat in the boat the boat. But now the boat wouldnt take forward gear, it would go into reverse and neutral, but not forward. When Mark O'Carroll got the boat serviced their machanic put the outdrive on wrong when he replaced the bellows, so, my marina had to take the outdrive off and replace it right.
I rang Mark O'Carroll, he said that he only sells these boats and that he had to ask his machanic, so i gave him my marina machanics number so that the two machanics can have a chat. Mark O'Carrol rings my marina and they tell him the condition of the boat, and he told my marina that he will come to some sort of arrangment.
A day or so had past and it was good weather, so i decided to take the boat out for a drive. The machanic at my marina said that he will go with me for a while to check if everythings alright. We put the boat in the water, and started it up with no trouble. We waited, but the engine temperture kept rising, a few minutes had past and the machanic said to switch the engine off as he saw steam coming from behind the boat. He said that the therustat must be stuck, but he cant understand the steam.
I rang Mark O'Carroll all that day but he wasnt there.
My machanic rings and gives me the bad news. The manifolds had rotted away, and with the heat from the engine they had broke into bits. The reason for this was, that the boat had been lying up with salt water in the manifolds, and the salt ate away at them. But that cant be right! The boat was never in salt water, right! Well wrong. I went and saw the manifolds and i saw where they had rotted away. The machanic took hours taking them off because the bolts had rotted away and had no heads. It was plan to see where the salt had ate away at the engine and outdrive.
Rang Mark O'Carroll all that day again but the receptionist said he wasnt there.
Rang the next day and got him, he said he will send them over.
Which he did, but i was caught for the import tax.
With the new manifolds on the engine, it still overheated, machanic had to replace the water pump impeller. The impeller had rotted away with the salt water aswell.
Rang Mark O'Carroll but the receptionist said he wasnt there.
Since then i have replaced the canopy, fresh water pump, toilet fixed, navation lights, horn. The speedo and depth sounder still dont work, but i can live with out them.
I left countless messages and emails for him to contact me, but with no avail.
On the Wednesday 16 August i sent Mark O'Carrol an email saying that, if he dont contact me before Friday 18th August I'm going to...
Contact Apollo Duck to inform them, that you are false advertising on the site,
Write into every boating forum on the internet explaining my case,
Create a web site called 'Global Trade Partners lnc. Scam', Which will be placed beside your web site 'when googled', for everyone to see and to write there reviews (experiences) with your company, which I know there are a lot.
Take legal action against you, for the repairs to this boat. (Plus legal expences)
He contacted me straight away. And after a couple of emails he decided he was would refund me $1,116 (which is just over 600 GBP). A total insult. Not much when you think i got a bill from my marina of over 3,800 and with the other costs i had to pay for. This is not counting the heartache my family and I have gone through, for a boat that was supposed to be in a practically brand new condition
I have just found out that another family from my marina has been scammed by Global Trade Partners, Inc.
After what I have wrote, and you still plan on buying a boat from this company. Dont, because you will regret it.
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